What does West Florida Regional Planning Council do?
Our dynamic team is proud to provide a wide variety of intergovernmental services across a seven-county region, including everything from grant writing and project management to technical planning and data analysis. We’re at the helm for a multitude of programs, including transportation planning, economic development, environmental planning, housing assistance, emergency planning, land use planning, and more. Learn more about our history and where we’re headed.

Where do I find local agendas and meetings schedules?
All local meeting schedules and agendas are cataloged on our website for easy access and viewing. Looking for a particular meeting? You can find the full calendar here.

What is rideOn?
rideOn is a commuter services program focused on reducing vehicle miles traveled on our roadways by providing transportation options, including vanpool, carpool, public transit, biking, and walking. In addition to a local “matching” component which pairs residents with similar travel patterns, the program offers commuters an emergency ride home from work, if needed. Those interested in participating can register directly on our site.

How do I access Transportation Disadvantaged services?
The region offers services for those unable to transport themselves due to physical or mental disability, income, or age. The provider and scheduling process for this transportation service is unique depending on the county in which you live. For more information on these transportation disadvantaged services, contact Howard Vanselow at 850-332-7976, Ext. 231.

Where do I direct my traffic safety concerns?
We love resident feedback! If you see a traffic safety concern or issue in your local community, please let us know by filling out the form on our Contact Us page.

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