Choosing WFRPC as part of your team gives you the chance to avoid the bidding process while selecting local experts. We live and work in these communities with you, so we understand the needs better than most. Since we’re local, you’ve got easy access to us should you ever have any questions or need any help with your projects. County and municipal agencies can contract WFRPC for services without going through a RFP process. Contact staff at 850-332-7976, for more information.

Data Analysis

Working with numbers and large quantities of data can be a tedious task, but WFRPC staff members not only enjoy this work – they excel in it! With our fifty years of experience, we have the ability to analyze and synthesize your data properly and succinctly.


The West Florida Regional Planning Council has a staff of experienced professionals who specialize in finding, writing, and managing grants in a variety of fields including transportation, environmental planning, economic development, and public education campaigns.


The West Florida Regional Planning Council has been handling the planning needs of Northwest Florida for 50 years. Our five decades of experience has made us the best in the business. We can assist you in planning everything from disaster response to long-range transportation.

Project Managment

Managing a project can be a daunting task, especially when there are multiple moving pieces and multiple parties involved. We are able to communicate and coordinate with all parties involved, work to keep the project on the specified timeline, host community meetings, conduct surveys, write reports and handle a plethora of other tasks involved in managing your projects.


WFRPC hosts a variety of symposia each year, and our team excels at organizing dynamic events that attract international attendees. Let the WFRPC experts handle the work required to host an exceptional symposium for your group.

Technical Assistence

If you have a project that you need assistance with, let our professionals help. We can provide you with support, information, and skills you need on a variety of projects ranging from updating your comprehensive plan to applying for a grant.


WFRPC can help you write or update training plans, or event provide trainings to meet your needs. Our expert staff are able to support a host of training, inspection, planning and evaluation initiatives that meet both state and federal requirements.

Contact staff at 850-332-7976, for more information.

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