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Gas is expensive.  Your commute doesn't have to be.

Did you know that the average panhandle worker spends almost $2,000.00 each year just to drive to work?  Would you like to keep more of that for yourself?  If you drive more than 10 miles round trip, leave your car in the lot all during your shift, or worry about the economy's effect on your budget - then Ride On could be just what you've been looking for.

Commuter benefits work for everyone.

Workers and employers alike benefit from ride-share programs.  Workers, enjoy a less expensive commute.  Employers, profit from an expanded employee base.  That's just the beginning - the benefits keep piling up.  Call us today and see how we can customize a program for an individual, a single employer, or central business district.

School Pool 

We are seeking a Bay County school to be the first in the area with an active "school pool" program.  School pools reduce onsite congestion during pick up and drop off times and help parents manage hectic schedules by sharing transportation costs and responsibilities.  Call (850) 769-4854 if you are interested in a school pool program for your campus.

Tax Free Commuter Benefit

Did you know that commuters riding transit or participating in a vanpool may be able to take advantage of up to $230 per commuter per month in tax free employee benefits.  There are even benefits for commuters biking to work.  Call us to find out more.


Ride On is a program of the West Florida Regional Planning Council made possible by the Florida Department of Transportation


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