Every four years the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) conduct a Federal Certification Review of the Florida-Alabama Transportation Planning Organization (TPO). The main purpose of the review is to certify that the Florida-Alabama Transportation Planning Organization is satisfactorily meeting the planning requirements as defined in Federal laws and regulations. This process also provides FHWA and FTA the opportunity to add value to the Florida-Alabama TPO’s planning process through the sharing of best practices, techniques, and/or technology.

2018 Federal Certification Review

2018 Federal Certification Report – Final


  1. Correspondence with FHWA Part 1
  2. Correspondence with FHWA Part 2
  3. Public Involvement Tracking Report (Updated July 12, 2018)
  4. Organization Chart – (July 2018)
  5. Summary of Staff Responsibilities
  6. 2015 Interlocal Agreement
  7. Resolution FL-AL 16-15 Removing ECAT from TPO Membership
  8. 2010 ICAR Agreement
  9. Resolution FL-AL 15-13 Reaffirming ICAR
  10. 2014 Staff Services Agreement
  11. 2018 PL Agreement
  12. Quarterly Assessments
  13. Community Profile from the Title VI Plan

2018 Federal Certification Review – Financial Report


  1. Project Contracts Narrative
  2. Internal Controls Narrative

Previous Federal Certification Reports

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