Bayou Texar Restoration

According to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) records, in October 2003, David Hayes Marshall, a roofing foreman employed by Target, punctured a 275-gallon container of acrylic coating at the Bayou Boulevard store.  He subsequently rinsed the container’s entire contents into a grated storm drain in the parking lot.  This drain leads to Carpenter Creek, which feeds into Bayou Texar and Pensacola Bay.  Several days later, a resident noticed a white substance in Bayou Texar and reported the spill to DEP.

Mark Ribbe, the roofing contractor for Target, was sentenced to five years’ probation, received a $5,000 fine, and will spend the first six months of his probation under house arrest. His sentence also requires him to pay $75,000 to the WFRPC’s Partnership for Community Programs, to be used for projects to improve water quality in Bayou Texar and Carpenter’s Creek.

With the portion of the fine paid, PCP partnered with the Bayou Texar Foundation and DEP to plant aquatic vegetation to stabilize the shoreline of Bayou Texar.  As additional fine monies are collected, similar projects will continue.

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