CaptureThe Partnership for Community Programs (PCP) is administering a NOAA B-WET grant in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. The NOAA Watershed Vanguard Education for Students (WAVES) program is designed to offer locally relevant environmental education opportunities to students, as well as related professional development for educators. The program focuses on Bay Watershed Education and provides 11th grade students and science teachers with the resources to implement hands-on environmental education through the use of field trips and classroom learning.

The main objectives of the WAVES program is for students to gain an overall understanding of the watershed concept and how actions on the local level can affect overall water quality.

Learning objectives:

    • Understanding the Watershed concept
    • Location of watershed and the major water body in which each school resides
    • Introduction to native and invasive plant species
    • Sources and impacts of stormwater pollution (point and non-point sources)
    • Mitigation Strategies to reduce stormwater pollution (green spaces/infrastructure/engineering)
    • Basic principles of soil science through the introduction of soil surveys and the impacts on stormwater drainage patterns

Each participating high school will develop a presentation detailing their project location and present their program findings at the NOAA WAVES Student Symposium hosted at the University of West Florida in May 2016 (date TBD).

Stormwater runoff data collected by students:
NOAA B-WET WAVES (Watershed Vanguard Education)

Participating Schools:

Escambia County

      • Washington High School
      • West Florida High School
      • Pensacola High School
      • Escambia High School
      • Tate High School

Santa Rosa County

      • Navarre High School & Marine Institute
      • Santa Rosa High School
      • Milton High School
      • Pace High School
      • Gulf Breeze High School

To learn more about the Gulf Region B-WET program, visit their site.

For more information, contact the program administrator, Kathy Ahlen, at (850) 332.7976 x210 or by email

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