Community profiles can convert large amounts of complicated data into a simplified picture of a community’s diversity and its historical, social, and economic characteristics. This picture not only explains communities in easy-to-understand terms, it also allows for a clearer insight into the planning and projects that are happening within those communities. WFRPC has collected and interpreted community data for each of the seven counties we serve, as well as compiling that data into an overall regional profile. Having this data allows WFRPC to specifically tailor the programs we offer to our communities, better consolidating our resources and coordinating our efforts to custom design our services while building meaningful relationships throughout the region. Please click each image to enlarge.


West Florida Regional Planning Council 

            Escambia County                                                              Santa Rosa County escambia santa-rosa






         Okaloosa County                                                                 Walton Countywaltonokaloosa






           Holmes County                                                               Washington Countywashingtonholmes





Bay Countybay

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