If you are interested in serving on the Local Emergency Planning Committee, please fill out the LEPC Membership Application, and return to LEPC Coordinator, Jessica Sunday.

Name Organization Occupational Category Alternate
Abel, Lynne Washington County Emergency Management Connie Welch
Bingle, Jeff Ascend Materials Facility Owner/Operator Kenneth C. Fehl
Bradley, Paul Eastman Chemical Co. Facility Owner/Operator n/a
Burgess, Kimberly Arizona Chemical Facility Owner/Operator Jack Griffis
Delp, Richard Chairman Baskerville-Donovan, Inc. Elected Official n/a
Dilmore, Larry Breitburn Energy Partners Facility Owner/Operator John Sawyer
Dosh, John Escambia County Emergency Management
Elidais, Chris Walton County Emergency Management Donna Free
Hahn, Daniel Santa Rosa County Emergency Management Brad Baker
Hart, Daniel Dept. of Homeland Security Law Enforcement n/a
Howard, Tim Bay County Fire Rescue Firefighting n/a
Imhof, Seth Bay County Fire Rescue Firefighting n/a
Lloyd, Tom Santa Rosa County Emergency Management n/a
Lord, William Ocean City-Wright FCD Firefighting Scott Funchess
Mayo, Wendy Holmes County Emergency Management Stephanie Worley
McDaniel, Randy Okaloosa County Emergency Management Ken Wolfe
McDeavitt, Katie Florida Department of Health Health Shayne Stewart
McNutt, Bruce Florida Dept. of Env. Protection Local Environment Mark Sumner
Merrifield, Tonya Genesis Rail Services, LLC Transportation n/a
Norwood, Tracie WestRock Facility Owner/Operator Heather Hall
Park, Steve Florida Highway Patrol Law Enforcement Jason King
Pelletier, Gary Citizen Interested Citizen n/a
Powell, Brooke Bay County Emergency Management
Robinson, Peter University of West Florida Emergency Management Nicole McDonald
Smith, Anthony Vice-Chairman Escambia County Fire Rescue Firefighting Ken Coulter
Thayer, Debbie Florida Dept. of Law Enforcement Law Enforcement n/a
Wall, Mary Beth Gulf Coast State College Interested Citizen Kevin Granberg

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