Florida’s vision is to ensure a safe and secure future, free of terror, with an overall mission outlined in the strategy to strengthen our domestic security prevention, preparedness, protection, response and recovery capabilities through interdisciplinary and interagency consensus and commitment to build and rely on a strong Regional Mutual Aid Response Capability. Administered through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, the structure aligns policy objectives under five goals:

  1. Prevent, preempt and deter acts of terrorism
  2. Prepare for terrorism response missions
  3. Protect Florida’s citizens, visitors, and critical infrastructure
  4. Respond in a immediate, effective, and coordinated manner, focused on the victims of the attack
  5. Recover quickly and restore our way of life following a terrorist act.

The key elements of strategy, structure and partnerships continue to serve Florida well today.

Under guidance from the Department of Homeland Security, using the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program, WFRPC staff provides logistical support to the NWFRDSTF mission.

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