The Florida-Alabama Transportation Planning Organization (TPO) is the local, intergovernmental transportation policy board for Santa Rosa and Escambia counties in Florida and part of Baldwin County, Alabama. The board is comprised of local government officials who make decisions regarding transportation at the regional level. The Florida-Alabama TPO is required by federal and state legislation to establish a continuing, cooperative, and comprehensive planning process. The TPO also works to increase safety, security, accessibility, mobility, and connectivity for people and goods.

In addition to the TPO board, the Florida-Alabama TPO has a Technical Coordinating Committee (TCC), a Citizens’ Advisory Committee (CAC), and a Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC).

The TCC is made up of local government staff and other stakeholders. Their knowledge of local projects and issues allow the members of the TCC to provide technical advice to the TPO board.

The CAC is comprised of members from the general public who express an interest in transportation planning. Prospective members complete an application and must be approved by the committee and the TPO board. Recently, the CAC combined with the BPAC. The BPAC focused on issues relevant to biking and walking.

For more information about the Florida-Alabama TPO, please contact:
Mary Robinson
(850) 332-7976 x 229

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