The City of Pensacola’s Residential Property Improvement Program (RPIP) was established to encourage reinvestment in Pensacola’s historic urban core neighborhoods, address deferred exterior maintenance and preserve affordability for residents within designated Community Redevelopment Areas. Eligible property owners within identified target areas may apply for consideration for the RPIP program.

Properties may be owner-occupied, rental, single-family, or multi-family dwellings. Property owners may receive up to $35,000 in construction rehabilitation assistance in the form of a deferred loan (no payment required) that will be forgiven in full at the expiration of the loan period.

Rehabilitation Activities:

  • Structure Cleaning
  • Exterior Painting or Re-siding
  • Doors & Windows
  • Roofing
  • Exterior Lighting
  • Fencing
  • Porch repair/replacement
  • Foundation Work
  • Shutters

Program funds are limited and subject to prioritization of target areas. The maximum project cost for owner-occupied properties with household incomes of 120% or less of the area median income (AMI) is $35,000.  Renter-occupied properties or households with household incomes greater than 120% of the AMI may receive a maximum of $17,500.

Form of Assistance
A zero-interest deferred loan will be secured by a lien agreement on the property. Liens are for a term of three (3) years for owner-occupied properties and five (5) years for rental properties and are forgiven over the course of the loan period. The loan is forgiven in full at the expiration of the lien period and no payment is required on the loan, with the following exceptions: any or all of the funded improvements are modified, altered, removed, or demolished, the property is sold, transferred, demolished or assigned, converted to 100% non-residential use, directly or indirectly encumbered, pledged, or conveyed, the owner fails to maintain the property, unresolved code violations occur, or rents are increased by more than 5%per year during the lien period. In the event of the death of the original grantee or sale of the property prior to the expiration of the date determined in the lien agreement, the amount of the loan or any remaining prorated balance shall be repaid.

Applicants must complete the
Residential Property Improvement Program (RPIP) pre-eligibility application.

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