The WFRPC is dedicated to educating the public about the importance of environmental issues in Northwest Florida.  We offer a variety of services for all members of our community to help inform them about the importance of our many natural resources.

Success Stories

The BARC and its sub-committees have a long history of engaging the public with projects designed to enhance the quality of the Pensacola Bay Watershed. Some examples of these projects are:

Resource Rangers: This is a series of educational environmental videos geared toward middle school aged children. The program includes classroom curriculum, activities, and field trips. The curriculum encourages protection of our environment through responsible actions on the part of the next generation of citizens.

Bay Day: This in an annual event where 5th grade students from Escambia and Santa Rosa Counties are invited to participate in an interactive event staffed by environmental science professionals with the goal of increasing student awareness and content knowledge about critical environmental issues, such as wetlands, health concerns, water quality, recycling, sea grass planting, environmental engineering, careers and many more.

Stormwater Inlet Marking and Education: The stormwater inlet marking project focused on areas within Bayou Texar and Bayou Chico. Curb markers on the concrete casing above the curbside inlets in areas whose stormwater runoff feeds directly to the Bayous to make the public aware of where these inlets drain. As part of this project, educational pamphlets were provided to over 1,200 households in the areas that markers were placed.

Watershed Vanguard Education for Students (WAVES) Grant:  The WAVES grant is designed to provide approximately 700 students and 26 science teachers with experiential learning through the use of field trips, classroom learning, and field study in order to provide a better understanding of the factors that contribute to the degradation of the Pensacola Bay Watershed.  In order to create a sustainable environment, this project proposes to use education as the key to protecting the nation’s most valuable resource, its watershed ecosystems.  WFRPC will establish meaningful and personal connections between the 11th grade students and faculty of Escambia and Santa Rosa County, Florida public schools and the watershed in which they inhabit. This program is designed to engage students in examining the environment they are a part of and determine solutions to the complex problem of stormwater runoff.  Students will take a balanced approach when determining solutions to this problem by accounting for the realistic needs of the environment balanced by the fiscal concerns caused by implementing solutions.  Students will also be able to determine cost effective mitigation strategies to improve the overall health of the watershed and present information regarding the type of pollutant entering the watershed to community leaders and other interested parties

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