Bay Area Resource Council (BARC)

Elected officials from local governments (including two counties and three municipalities) that have signed the inter-local agreement comprise the Bay Area Resource Council (BARC). Each county is allowed two representatives, each city one representative.

Technical Advisory Committee (TAC)

The BARC Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) serves as the technical sub-committee of the BARC whose purpose is to provide the BARC with the scientific and technical knowledge needed to develop goals and identify projects that have an impact on the ecosystem of the Pensacola Bay Watershed. Technical Advisory Committee members include:

Chips Kirschenfeld, Natural Resource Director at Escambia County (Chairman)

Timothy Haag, Director of Government Affairs at Emerald Coast Utilities Authority (Vice-Chair)

Barbara Albrecht, Watershed Director at Panhandle Watershed Alliance

Doug Heatwole, Director of Gulf Coast Region at Ecology and Environment

Jeff Helms, Vice President at Atkins

Jessica Koelsch, Gulf Policy Specialist at National Wildlife Federation

Mike Lewis, Research Biologist at U.S. EPA

Stephen Schoen, Assistant Planner Mitigation Specialist at the City of Milton

Shawn Ward, Long Range Planning Manger at Santa Rosa County

Environmental Education Coordination Team (EECT)

The Environmental Education Coordination Team (EECT) serves as the education sub-committee of the BARC. The EECT is a group of environmental professionals representing local governments, regulatory agencies, schools, businesses, and private citizens. The EECT’s mission is to promote environmental education and avoid duplication of effort among agencies and local governments.

The sub-committees of the BARC provide the scientific and technical information to the BARC about the natural resources of Northwest Florida and their relationship to the economy, public health, and quality of life.

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