The West Florida Regional Planning Council serves as staff to the Bay Area Resource Council (BARC) with the main objective of assisting in improving the area’s quality of life and improving the waters of the Pensacola Bay System through community participation and coordination with local governments, citizens, academia, and the private sector. This objective is achieved primarily through the activities of the BARC and its subcommittees.

Pensacola Bay Watershed

BARC HOMEPAGE PICA watershed is defined as an area where all surface waters drain to a single common place.  A number of rivers and creeks in west Florida and south-central Alabama flow into this single place… Pensacola Bay.  Only one third of the bay system’s 7,000 square mile watershed is within Florida: the remaining two thirds are in Alabama.  The map above shows the extent of the watershed and location of counties in the basin.  Theoretically, the furthest drop of water from Pensacola Bay enters the watershed about eight miles east of Union Springs (Bullock County), Alabama, at about 550 feet above sea level at the source of Old Town Creek.

Since the watershed lies in two states and includes portions of fifteen counties, achieving goals for clean water are compounded.  Differing regulations, water quality standards, land use practices, best management practices, public/private sector interests and goals create an array of problems.  It takes dedicated individuals from many walks of life working together to manage a watershed as large as the Pensacola Bay System area.  This includes politicians and local government staff members, land and homeowners, agricultural and silvicultural interests, developers, public land managers, industry, citizens and others.

The Pensacola Bay Watershed includes portions of the following counties and estimated percentages of each county’s surface area within the watershed:

In Florida Escambia (45%), Santa Rosa (100%), Okaloosa (75%), Walton (20%).

In Alabama – Escambia (90%), Covington (90%), Conecuh (99%), Butler (75%), Crenshaw (95%), Pike (40%), Montgomery (10%), Bullock (20%), Coffee (2%), Loundes (1%), Monroe (2%).

For more information on the Bay Area Resource Council, please contact:

Katie Wilhelm
850-332-7976, ext. 280


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