Air Quality Reports

Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan


Congestion Management Process

Freight Network Plan

Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) Plan

Long Range Transportation Plan

Project Priorities


Public Involvement

Bay County TPO PPP

Title VI Plan

Public Transportation

Bay County Transit Development Plan Major Update FY 2017-2026 (Adopted Aug 24, 2016)

Bay Town Trolley

Bay County Transit Subcommittee

Architectural Services Contract

Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)

This link contains the Transportation Improvement Programs (TIPs) for the Florida-Alabama TPO, the Okaloosa-Walton TPO, and the Bay County TPO. A TIP is a document listing and describing projects which will improve transportation capacity and effectiveness. Through this interactive website, the TIPs are available in portable document format (PDF). This site also contains an interactive, searchable, interface. Please be aware that each TPO adopts a new Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) every June and amendments occur very frequently. Please see the cover of the document for the date of the most recent amendment.

Transportation Alternatives (TA) Program

Transportation Alternatives Program Project Scoring Criteria

Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)

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