• To implement and further the goals and policies of the State Comprehensive Plan with regard to the strategic regional subject areas and other components addressed in the plan.
  • To provide long range policy guidance for the physical, economic, and social development of a region.
  • To establish public policy for the resolution of disputes over regional problems, needs, or opportunities through the establishment of regional goals and policies and to provide a regional basis and perspective for the coordination of governmental activities and the resolution of problems, needs, and opportunities that are of regional concern or scope.
  • To establish goals and policies, in addition to other criteria established by law, that provide the basis for review of developments of regional impact, regional review of federally assisted projects, and other activities of the regional planning council. In addition, the plan may recommend specific locations or activities in which a project, due to its character or location, should be a development of regional impact within the region. Standards included in strategic regional policy plans shall be used for planning purposes only and not for permitting or regulatory purposes. A regional planning council shall not adopt a planning standard that differs materially from a planning standard adopted by rule by a state or regional agency, when such rule expressly states the planning standard is intended to preempt action by the regional planning council.
  • To establish goals and policies to assist the state and the council in the determination of consistency of local comprehensive plans with regional and state comprehensive plans. Strategic Regional Policy Plans shall serve as a basis to review the resources and facilities found in local government comprehensive plans.
  • To establish land development and transportation goals and policies in a manner that fosters region-wide transportation systems.
  • To serve as a basis for decisions by the regional planning council.
  • To guide the administration of federal, state, regional, and local agency programs and activities in a region to the extent provided for by law.
  • To identify significant regional resources and facilities, infrastructure needs, or other problems, needs, or opportunities of importance to the region.
  • To identify natural resources of regional significance and promote the protection of those resources.
  • To set forth economic development goals and policies that promote regional economic growth and improvement.
  • To set forth goals and policies that address the affordable housing and emergency preparedness problems and needs of the region.

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