The WFRPC is proud to offer Geographic Information Systems (GIS) services to a variety of groups. GIS is a system of hardware, software, databases, and maps that helps provide the best geographical information possible, most frequently for decision-making purposes. We provide technical assistance to local governments by providing zoning and future land use GIS projects, and our GIS team developed Census geographic boundaries, demographics, and maps for our planning team.

Additionally, WFRPC’s GIS staff support a wide variety of projects undertaken by the Council.


The WFRPC’s GIS provides planning staff with the ability to apply geographic knowledge more efficiently in supporting location decisions involving physical and human factors. GIS tools allow for a geographic approach to the planning process involving:

    • Transportation modeling
    • Transportation networks
    • Traffic analysis zones
    • Existing/future land use and terrain
    • Transit needs analysis
    • Transit quality of service
    • Vehicle routing
    • Environmental and social impacts
    • Engineering costs and constraints

Our GIS staff provides data and support for three Transportation Planning Organizations (TPOs). Specifically, our GIS information is used in:

    • Long Range Transportation Plans
    • Transportation Improvement Plans
    • Congestion Management Systems
    • Public Transportation
    • Bicycle/Pedestrian Projects

For more information about our GIS services, please contact our GIS Coordinator:
Jessica Paul, GISP
(850) 332-7976 x 221

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