The Sixth Annual Northwest Florida Brownfields Redevelopment Forum was held Thursday, June 14 at Jackson County Agriculture Center. The Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s Northwest District, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and West Florida and Apalachee Regional Planning Councils invite local governments, investors, developers, and other interested parties to learn about Florida’s Brownfields Redevelopment Program.

The Brownfields program facilitates redevelopment and job creation by empowering communities, local governments, and other stakeholders to work together to assess, clean up and reuse properties that may have been previously impacted by pollutants.

For more information on the Brownfields program, please contact:
Katie Wilhelm
850-332-7976, ext. 280


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The Inn in Tallahassee case study: clean closure with background arsenic demonstration — Brad Tompa, P.G., Terracon Consultants, Inc.

Refuse to Revitalization case study: developing trench & fill solid waste — Jill Johnson, P.G., Geosyntec Consultants

Optimizing Federal Agency Funding Avenues in the Town of Century case study: leveraging funding sources — Beth Norman, Cardno

Pensacola Redevelopment in Submerged Lands — Rebecca Ferguson, City of Pensacola & Ben Clabaugh, P.G., PPM

DEP Division of Waste Update — Joe Ullo, P.E., J.D., DEP

What’s New for EPA Brownfield Program — Barbara Alfano, EPA

Brownfields, Historic Trails & Cultural Assets in China — Trey Hess, P.E., PPM

Practical Benefits and Issues in the Redevelopment of Brownfield Sites

Frank Hearne, J.D., Mechanik Nuccio Hearne & Wester, P.A.

Larry Schmaltz, P.E., NOVA

Dave Robau, National Energy USA

Brownfields 101 and VCTC Breakout Session — Carrie Kruchell P.G. and  Scott Sweeney, DEP, Jason Lichtsetin, Esq. Akerman

Brownfields 101

Voluntary Cleanup Tax Credit (VCTC)

Grant Writing: “Writing to Win” — Leslie Sykes, Cardno

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