The Organizational and Financial Analysis conducted for the Santa Rosa Island Authority (SRIA) has been completed.  The study represents a detailed organizational and financial analysis associated with the purpose and intent of the SRIA, effectively representing Pensacola Beach located in Escambia County, Florida.  The analysis explores some of the fundamental fiscal purpose, organizational intent, and transactional relationships involved in providing goods and services between Pensacola Beach and Escambia County.

The findings of the analysis indicate Escambia County would be justified in earmarking, allocating, or redistributing available revenue sources totaling, at a minimum, $4 million for the provision of municipal-type services currently being funded by the SRIA.  An equitable, fair share redistribution of these revenue sources could result from direct funding, elimination of expenses paid to Escambia County, or sharing in the responsibility for complementary provision of services between Escambia County and the SRIA.  This level of commitment for the services provided by the SRIA would allow for the reduction of lease fees on property located on Pensacola Beach.

The SRIA Organizational and Financial Analysis is now available here as a PDF for viewing or download.  This was a technical assistance project in partnership with our General Planning Consultant team.  For more information regarding the analysis, please contact Vikki Garrett.

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