In transportation, everything begins with the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP). The Bay County TPO is just beginning the LRTP process while Florida-Alabama’s TPO is a little further along – developing Goals and Objectives. LRTPs have a 20 year planning horizon and are composed of projects that based upon projected population, employment and other factors that will be needed in the future – regardless of funding at this point. This plans are multi-modal, meaning they cover how to move people and/or goods whether by road in a car, semi-truck, on a bus – or by train, bicycle or on foot. Then a Needs Plan (what is wanted) and a Cost Feasible Plan (what can be afforded) are developed. Because transportation planning is a continuing process, the plans are updated every five years. Public involvement is a very important piece, so many meetings are scheduled throughout the update process (as shown below).


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